TOAST - Soy linseed (sourdough)/ rustic white / rustic brown / gluten free 6

EGGS YOUR WAY - Choice of toast, eggs (poached / scrambled / fried) 10

BACON & EGG ROLL - 8 add cheese 1 add avocado 2 add hashbrown 3

BREKKIE ROLL - Avocado, fried egg, mixed leaves, tomato, chipotle aioli, with bacon / haloumi 12

MORNING WRAP - Scrambled eggs, spinach, chipotle aioli with bacon / mushroom 12

BIG BREKKIE - Bacon, sauteed mushrooms, avocado, sauteed spinach, grilled tomato, poached eggs, hashbrown, toast 23


AVO SMASHED UP - cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, fresh chili, zaatar, poached egg served on toast 16

MUSHROOM MAGIC - Sauteed kale, avocado, sauteed mushroom, poached eggs, zaatar on toast 16

GREEN GOODNESS BOWL - Sauteed kale, avocado, broccoli, edamame, lentil, quinoa, mix seeds, poached egg, zaatar served with toast 17

BRUCHETTA - Avocado, corn salsa, zaatar, poached eggs, chipotle mayo served on toast with bacon / haloumi 17

CORN FRITTERS - Avocado, mixed leaves, zaatar, poached egg with bacon / haloumi 18 / smoke salmon 20

SMOKEY CROISSANT - Avocado, smoked salmon, feta cheese, fried shallot, zaatar, scramble eggs on croissant 18

SHAKSHUKA - Smoked eggplant, smoked capsicum, chickpeas, zucchini, tomato, zaatar, baked eggs served with toast 16


SWEET BRUCHETTA - Peanut butter, banana, cinammon, almond, honey 10

ACAI BOWL - Seasonal fresh fruits, granola, chia seeds 16

CRUNCHY FRENCH TOAST - Seasonal fresh fruits, homemade sauce, maple syrup, ice cream 18 (please allow 15 mins to cook)

PANDAN PANCAKE - Seasonal fresh fruits, homemade sauce, maple syrup, ice cream 18 (please allow 15 mins to cook)


BEEF RENDANG - Traditional Indonesian slow cooked beef, jasmine rice, bean sprout, fried shallot, homemade chili 16

NASI GORENG - Indonesian fried rice, mix veggies, egg, fried shallot, chicken / tofu 15

BOOTS SUMMER WRAP - Avocado, corn salsa, mixed leaves, tomato, cheese, chipotle aioli with grilled chicken / schnitzel/ haloumi / beef 14

GRILLED CHICKEN ROLL - Avocado, mixed leaves, tomato, cheese, chipotle aioli 14

BEEF RENDANG ROLL - Crunchy slaw, mixed leaves, fried shallot, cheese, herb mayo 14



GADO-GADO - Tofu, broccoli, green beans, beansprout, cucumber, corn, hard boiled egg, fried shallot, traditional peanut sauce 16

GIN SALAD (TRADITIONAL INDONESIAN SALAD) - Grilled chicken, cabbage, bean sprout, green beans, traditional spiced grated coconut topping 16

CRUNCHY SALAD - Mixed leaves, crunchy slaw, carrot, cucumber, avocado, corn salsa, fried shallot, caramelised ginger dressing with choice of protein

CLASSIC SALAD - Mixed leaves, roasted sweet potato, corn salsa, cherry tomato, avocado, radish, sweet potato, pomegranate, honey mustard dressing with choice of protein


choice of protein

  • grilled cajun chicken / chicken schnitzel / tofu 14

  • smoke salmon 16



Toast / Egg / Hash brown 3

Tomato / Feta cheese / Spinach 3

Mushroom / Kale / Haloumi / Bacon / Avocado 4

Chicken / Schnitzel / Tofu 5

Smoked salmon / Slow cooked beef 6

Side sweet potato 3 / Bowl  7

PLEASE NOTIFY STAFF for any dietary restrictions

Available gluten-free & vegan option

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